Vichithra and other contestants nominated for elimination in Bigg Boss Tamil 7 have been confirmed, with VJ Archana among them.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 experienced a double elimination, with Ananya Rao, a wild card contestant who re-entered the show as a wild card, being eliminated during the mid-week elimination, causing shock and intensifying the house game on the popular reality show hosted by Kamal Haasan.

Cool Suresh, the second least voted contestant after Ananya, self-nominated for elimination last week. Their elimination has significantly impacted the house game, and as Bigg Boss Tamil 7 enters its 12th week, speculations are brewing about the nominees for elimination this week.

A viral social media video has revealed that Raveena Daha, Sarvana Vickram, and Vichithra have been nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss Tamil 7. Fans are now curious about the next contestant to be eliminated, but the official announcement of the nominations is yet to be made.

Vichithra, a former actress, recently shared her worst casting couch experience two decades ago, which led her to quit acting. The worst experience occurred in 2000 while shooting a film in Malampuzha. The actor asked the actor to visit his room, and men working on the film would bang on her door after getting drunk. Vichithra was disheartened and tried to deal with the noise. Her now-husband, who was not even her friend at the time, tried to help her by changing her room without notifying the hotel team. The men would bang on other doors, thinking she was there. One day, the men lost their patience and wanted to teach her a lesson.

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