Trisha Krishnan faces backlash for applauding ‘animal’ as ‘exemplary push-ups’, deletes her survey

Initially communicating energy with “one word religion!” and emoticons, Trisha Krishnan quickly deleted the post, which later prompted responses from clients who probed her about consistency in feelings.

New Delhi: Trisha Krishnan has deleted a post praising the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer Creature after some high-profile informal communication organizations took it down. Trisha shared the Creature banner on her Instagram Stories on Sunday.
Trisha posted under Ranbir Kapoor’s banner, “One word faction!” Pppppppaaaaaahhhhhhh (staring eye face, face exhaling and clapping emoticons). In any case, she disposed of it immediately.

Social media users react:

Client X, who shared the screenshot, said: “Seven days ago she was talking about women’s pride, didn’t she?” “Never expect a negative survey from an entertainer/entertainer for any movie,” one individual commented. They won’t/can’t convey their true feelings because they need to stay in business.” Guaranteed tweet: “Another bold woman Vanga locked for Prabhas movie.” “What kind of behavior is this?” asked another.

Trisha has also been endorsed by several X clients. “Also knows to treat a movie as a movie,” one tweet said. Someone said of her: “She realizes the contrast between dream and reality… straightforward.” “The first is defending her after someone offered her overly critical comments, and the second is her watching the film.” “Do you want to hear it from someone?” asked another devotee.

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Trisha Krishnan and Mansoor Ali Khan Feud:

Trisha recently stood out as truly remarkable after entertainer Mansoor Ali Khan offered chauvinistic comments about her. He later stated, “My colleague Trisha, if it is not too much trouble, please forgive me. Allow God to favor me by inviting me to your wedding.” After expressing her regret, Trisha replied to X, “To fail is human, to forgive is heavenly.” Mansoor then again later stated that he will file a vile case against Trish.

About the animal:

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s crime drama portrays a vicious world against the backdrop of the tricky nexus between Ranbir Kapoor’s Ranvijay Singh and his father Balbir Singh, played by Anil Kapoor. Bobby Deol, Rashmika Mandanna, Triptii Dimri, Shakti Kapoor, Suresh Oberoi and Prem Chopra elite animal player.

Since its release on Friday, the film has inspired polarizing opinions from commentators and audiences alike, with many criticizing it for its wild and unpredictable hero, harmful masculinity and silly plot lines.

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