Triptii Dimri, a member of Animal, has revealed that her family is monitoring her follower count and that she is not seeking stardom.

Animal actress Triptii Dimri responded to her Instagram follower increase and acknowledged that acting is a part of her life, not her entire one.

Triptii Dimri, who starred in the film Animal, is gaining popularity due to her role as Zoya. Her performance has been praised and she is referred to as the “national crush of India” on social media. Her Instagram followers have also increased post-film, with friends and family sending her screenshots.

Triptii Dimri shared screenshots of her Instagram follower count with her family and friends.

Triptii Dimri, a popular actress, has surpassed her 6 lakh followers to 3.9 million on Instagram. The Animal actress expressed her joy and satisfaction with the increase, stating that her friends and family keep tracking her followers, sending her screenshots and checking messages every night.

Triptii, known for her roles in Bulbbul, Qala, and Laila Majnu, has achieved commercial success with her first film, Animal. She expressed her desire to work on the film due to the interesting character Zoya, stating that success wasn’t a plan and that she isn’t seeking stardom.

Triptii Dimri discusses the concept of work-life balance.

Triptii emphasizes that acting is a part of her life, not her entire one, and prioritizes her family, friends, and herself above acting. She aims to balance her career with other aspects of her life to live a happy and healthy life, ensuring she doesn’t give her all to one aspect.

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She expressed regret for not attending her best friend’s wedding or her brother’s graduation, stating she doesn’t want to regret her life in the future.

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