The box office battle between Dunki, Salaar, Aquaman 2, and Animal for Christmas is set to commence.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki is set to lead multiplexes, followed by Prabhas’ Salaar and the Hollywood superhero film, Aquaman.

The Indian Box Office is set for a thrilling Christmas 2023 weekend with three new releases, Dunki, Salaar, and Aquaman 2, vying for premium showcasing in the North Indian market. Negotiations are underway between distributors Pen Marudhar, AA Films, and Warner Brothers to ensure their films receive the best possible release and attract audiences. The industry is buzzing with reports about the clash, causing programmers to have sleepless nights.

Dunki is set to lead the showcasing in North India at Multiplexes.

The tentative showcasing plan in North India favors Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s first collaboration, Dunki, in multiplexes. The social dramedy follows Salaar, followed by Aquaman 2, and finally, Animal and Sam Bahadur. Exhibitors are considering the SRK and Hirani film as the deserving candidate. The battle will continue until Wednesday night before the showcasing schedule is released.

Dunki is expected to receive 46% of the total showcasing in multiplexes, followed by Salaar at 30%. Aquaman will open with 14% of the overall showcasing, while Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal will hold the remaining 10%. The showcasing scenario varies regionally, with some mass belts favoring Salaar due to its action quotient, while others are focusing on a maiden combo to attract audiences. This is the tentative showcasing scenario in multiplexes with 3 or more screens.

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The fight for Dunki and Salaar will be fought on single screens.

Pen Marudhar and AA Films are aiming for exclusive showcasing for their feature presentations, with single screens being distributed based on individual relationships between exhibitors and distributors. Although release terms are reasonable, individual relationships will ultimately determine the allocation of screens, as a clash scenario requires careful consideration.

Dunki, a 2 hour 40 minute film, is expected to attract a family audience due to its genre and lack of content. Salaar, a 2 hour 55 minute film, is a high-octane, testosterone-driven film, which is doing well at the box office. The film is expected to be a thrilling battle royale at the box office, with fans eagerly anticipating the drama before its release.

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