Raja Magal Film Survey: Inspiring Drama On Unnecessary Parental Spoiling

Anticipating watching Raja Magal, an inspiring story on Kids’ Day? Peruse our audit first!

How much parental extravagance is sufficient? Where does a parent tell a youngster, ‘No more’ before it’s past the point of no return?
Raja Magal, a sensibly executed take on parental spoiling, gives us a dad girl drama where the parent, played by an unfortunately genuine Aadukalam Murugadoss, goes far past his unassuming means to spoil his little girl Kanmani (Child Pratiksha).

This is as great a spot as any to say Murugadoss is firstrate as Sundaram, a little cellphone-fixing shopowner whose spot of daylight is his girl. Each wish of hers is his order, even before she finishes articulating her desire. The family’s humble minimal home is loaded up with off-kilter extravagances, similar to a cooler and a forced air system.
Sundaram’s reasonable spouse Vasantha (Velina) and his good natured companion (Baghavathi Perumal) alert him more than once against his tremendous guilty pleasure. In any case, Sundaram is impenetrable to all voices past the one that advises him to never express no to his dear little girl.
This is a strong preventative reason for a film. Raja Magal weakens the topic by keeping the tone light, clearly, and to a great extent liberated from emergency focuses. Truth be told, when there is a street mishap including Sundaram, we dread just plain horrible. Yet, Sundaram escapes safe with not a scratch, inciting us to ponder the requirement for such modest eye catching stunts.
The film would have been such a great deal good without these modest tricks. The solid focal subject is rescued from plunder by a balanced focal execution by Murugadoss who has dedicated the greater part of his vocation to assuming supporting parts. This is his most memorable fundamental lead, and he dives into it like a starving meat eater. The young lady Pratiksha playing his little girl is charmingly beyond ludicrous. She might have been coordinated all the more prudently and told to save a portion of the articulations for some other time. Yet, she leaves the ideal effect.
Raja Magal is the sort of film that leaves me somewhat irate. There is such a huge amount here to tell and such a moving focal center. The chance to make a critical film is wasted in a plain way of narrating, as though the majority at whom this film is focused on are musically challenged.

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