Prithviraj Sukumaran compared Salaar to Game of Thrones, describing Prashanth Neel as a confident filmmaker.

Prithviraj Sukumaran shared his experience working with Prashanth Neel and the challenges he faced during the filming of Salaar in an exclusive chat with nehawap

Prithviraj Sukumaran, an actor, director, and producer, has consistently pushed boundaries in storytelling and creativity. His transition as Vardharaja Mannaar in Prashanth Neel’s Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has left moviegoers talking. Today, we got a glimpse into his experiences, challenges, and excitement surrounding this monumental project.

Prithviraj emphasizes the importance of not being overly analytical when choosing a theme for a film. He believes that when listening to a script or story idea, one should imagine the film they would see in theaters, rather than imagining themselves. He has done all his films, including Salaar, based on how it made him feel when hearing the story. He believes that there is no method to choose a script, and what draws him to a particular one.

Prithviraj Sukumran, after a 30-second narration, uttered ‘yes’ to Salaar.

The actor expressed his excitement about the first script narration for Salaar, a film he had heard about a few years ago. He was initially drawn to the film’s story idea and its potential, comparing it to Game of Thrones in terms of drama and character dynamics. He believes he has a fantastic role in Salaar, and he believes he would be a great fit for the role. Salaar is a Prashanth Neel film, and anyone who doesn’t want to work with him would be unlikely to do so.

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Lucifer, the director of Salaar, referred to the film as a ‘Prabhas film’, stating that it is produced by Hombale and that his films have close associations outside Salaar. He considered it a privilege to share screen space with Prabhas and a character like this.

Prithviraj, known as Vardharaja Mannar, wears a septum ring and a black tilak, showcasing his impactful appearance.

The man who created Vardharaja Mannar’s look credits Prashanth Neel with the styling and look. He is a filmmaker who doesn’t believe in fixed ideas and prefers to discover new ones. This approach allows for fast shootings, allowing for more flexibility. Prashanth is confident in his craft and narrating, and can change everything around an actor’s scene or plan of shoot entirely around a new idea if they convince him. This is due to his solid command on his craft, allowing for more freedom and flexibility in the creative process. The filming process is not like sitting in a vanity van for hours.

Prithviraj Sukumaran emphasizes the importance of understanding and executing a director’s vision for a film. Working with Prashanth is enjoyable as they constantly discover characters and plot points during shooting. Prashanth enjoys being surprised and finding new things, and Sukumaran believes only a filmmaker with confidence in their craft can achieve this. Sukumaran is known for his meticulous approach.

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