Pazhanjan Pranayam Film Audit: Sincere Story of Affection and Acknowledgment

Coordinated by Bineesh Kalarikkal, the enthusiastically anticipated Malayalam film “Pazhanjan Pranayam” digs into the complexities of adoration and cultural assumptions. Dr Rony David Raj and Vincy Aloshious lead the cast, with Azees Nedumangad in a critical job. The film’s pith is disclosed through a dazzling trailer, promising an invigorating investigation of connections.

About Pazhanjan Pranayam

The eagerly awaited Malayalam movie, Pazhanjan Pranayam, coordinated by Bineesh Kalarikkal, presents an invigorating story that investigates the intricacies of adoration and cultural assumptions. Featuring Dr Rony David Raj and Vincy Aloshious in the number one spot jobs, with Azees Nedumangad in a significant person, the film divulges its quintessence through an enamoring trailer.

Plot Divulged

The film presents Rony David as a forty-year-old unmarried man wrestling with rehashed dismissals because of his apparent obsolete character. His process veers off in a strange direction with the presentation of Vincy Aloshious, a housemaid working in Rony’s family. As their ways interlace, a piercing story of developing fondness unfurls, testing cultural standards and biases.

Character Elements

Dr Rony David Raj conveys a convincing presentation as the hero, depicting the subtleties of a person exploring cultural tensions and individual desires. Vincy Aloshious carries profundity to her job as the housemaid, offering a nuanced point of view on affection and connections. Azees Nedumangad’s huge job adds a captivating layer to the account, adding to the film’s general intricacy.

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Topics Investigated

Pazhanjan Pranayam investigates topics of affection, acknowledgment, and cultural assumptions. The film digs into the close to home complexities of connections, testing the traditional standards that frequently direct people’s ways in issues of the heart.

Creation and Cinematography

Delivered by Vaisakh Ravi and Stanley Joshua under the flag Ithihasa Motion pictures, the film flaunts serious areas of strength for a group. Cinematographer Amosh M catches the pith of the story with outwardly capturing outlines, upgrading the close to home reverberation of the account. Proofreader Arun Raghav guarantees a consistent stream too.

Melodic Score

The music, made by Satish Raghunathan, adds a melodic setting and the score supplements the story, making a vivid encounter for the crowd.


Pazhanjan Pranayam is a promising expansion to Malayalam film, promising a sincere investigation of affection and acknowledgment. The film effectively interests crowds with its all around created character elements, topical profundity, and outwardly engaging cinematography.

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