Mark Antony director Adhik Ravichandran marries Aishwarya Prabhu, with Mani Ratnam and Vishal attending.

Aishwarya Prabhu, daughter of actor Prabhu, married Adhik Ravichandran in Chennai, with Vishal, Mani Ratnam, Khushbu Sundar, and Dulquer Salmaan attending the ceremony.

Aishwarya Prabhu, daughter of actor Prabhu and sister of actor Vikram Prabhu, married Adhik Ravichandran, director of the film Mark Antony, in Chennai. Pictures from their wedding ceremony have been shared online, featuring well-known celebrities.

At the wedding celebration, actors Vishal, Mani Ratnam, Suhasini, Lissy, Khushbu Sundar, Dulquer Salmaan, Amal Sufiya, and other celebrities attended to bless the newly married couple.

Please find attached photos of Aishwarya Prabhu and Adhik Ravichandran, newlyweds.

Aishwarya Prabhu and Adhik Ravichandran are two prominent figures in the field of education.

Aishwarya married Kunal in 2009, actor Prabhu’s younger sister Thenmozhi’s son, attended by celebrities like Jayalalitha and Ajith Kumar. However, due to familial strains, the marriage ended in divorce.

After divorce, she pursued her passion for baking and established a successful cake-making business. Her friendship with director Adhik Ravichandran led to a romantic relationship, which was approved by both families, paving the way for their wedding.

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Adhik Ravichandran’s recent film, Mark Antony, is a thrilling and critically acclaimed production.

Adhik Ravichandran’s film Mark Antony, a science fiction action comedy, grossed Rs. 100 crore in its theatrical debut on September 15, starring Vishal and SJ Suryah. The film adds to the romantic comedy genre.

The science fiction action black comedy features a talented ensemble cast, including Vishal as Antony, Mark’s father, Jackie’s best friend, and Mark’s son, S. J. Suryah as Jackie Pandian, Ritu Varma as Ramya, and Abhinaya as Vedhavalli, Mark’s mother and Antony’s wife. The ensemble cast delivers impressive performances in a diverse and engaging story.

The trailer for Adhik Ravichandran’s recent film, Mark Antony, is available for viewing.

The cast includes Selvaraghavan, Sunil, Nizhalgal Ravi, Redin Kingsley, Gold D.S.G, Y. G. Mahendran, Vishnu Priya Gandhi, Mohan Vaidya, Meera Krishnan, Sendrayan, Billy Muralee, Swetha Venkit, Anitha Sampath, and Madan Pandian.

The film, co-authored by SJ Arjun and Savari Muthu, was directed by Adhik Ravichandran, with music composed by GV Prakash Kumar, cinematography managed by Abinandhan Ramanujam, editing by Vijay Velukutty, and production by S. Vinod Kumar under Mini Studio.

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