Katrina Kaif opens up on her wedding with Vicky Kaushal post-lockdown; grew up with 6 sisters

Katrina Kaif recently opened up about her marriage to Vicky Kuashal, which happened after the lockdown, and additionally explored experiencing childhood in a large family.

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif got hitched some time ago and during this period they became perhaps the most loved couple in Bollywood. Vicky often expresses her affection for her better half, Katrina, and constantly shares stories about their time together. Of late, the entertainer, who is currently enjoying the outcome of her new film Tiger 3 alongside Salman Khan, has given serious thought to her marriage with Vicky Kaushal. Similarly, she explored her experience of being raised in a huge family with six sisters on one occasion.

Katrina Kaif on Vicky Kaushal Marriage:

During the Red Ocean Film Celebration, Katrina Kaif explored her relationship with Vicky Kaushal and mentioned how they have to be prepared to plan their big day due to the coronavirus lockdown. All her relatives signed up for Bavič’s uneasy view of social events due to the pandemic rules, but in the end they all got together and took part in the festival.

She said: “We were trying to design our wedding just as the world was opening up. Like others, many individuals, we needed to believe that restrictions would be lifted so that we could have a wedding with each of our families there and the only thing I was keeping my fingers crossed for was was that my whole family got to be there from all over the world, which we deserved. So it was amazing.”

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On this occasion, she also explored her experiences growing up in a huge family with six sisters. She mentioned that it was very rowdy with six young ladies and that there was a lot of fighting for bounce space, brushes and hairbrushes. Despite the fact that they were all gifted at braiding each other’s hair. She added: “My sisters have turned into my emotional support network. We’re an isolated unit that doesn’t need any other individual. Individuals are welcome, but when we’re together as a whole, it’s total.”

About Katrina Kaif’s Tiger 3:

Salman Khan is back as Avinash Singh Rathore, also known as Tiger, in Tiger 3, the latest entry in the government operative universe of Yash Raj Movies. The film was coordinated by Maneesh Sharma with Katrina Kaif playing Zoya Humaimi, Tiger’s significant other and previous ISI specialist. Shridhar Raghavan composed the screenplay with Anckur Chaudhry handling the exchanges and Aditya Chopra brought the story.
Emraan Hashmi is currently important to the different cast of Tiger 3, in the role of Aatish Rehman, a psychological oppressor. Shah Rukh Khan turned up as Pathaan and Hrithik Roshan returned as Kabir from the war. Tiger 3 hit performance centers on November 12 during Diwali and has been a mainstream and commercial success.

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