Greta Gerwig’s recent comments about writing for Barbie raise questions about whether she wrote Ken’s role for Ryan Gosling.

Barbie director Greta Gerwig expressed admiration for Ryan Gosling’s acting during a conversation with James Cameron, stating that she wrote the role of Ken for him.

Greta Gerwig and Canadian filmmaker James Cameron discussed Barbie’s success in a Variety conversation. Gerwig revealed that she and Noah Baumbachhad wrote the role for Ryan Gosling, and that the comedy/fantasy director discussed the actor’s portrayal of Ken.

Greta Gerwig never met Ryan Gosling in the role of Ken.

Greta, who had never met the actor Gosling, was impressed by his acting and entertainment skills. She described him as a sincere entertainer, describing his humor as coming from a place of total sincerity. Gerwig, who had never met Gosling, appreciated his sincerity in his humor.

The speaker expressed her excitement about watching Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in rehearsals, which led her to eagerly anticipate watching the movie.

Barbie’s success has been a trendsetting achievement, and her subsequent success has been significant.

Barbie’s entry into the $1 billion club disrupted Hollywood norms and trends, showcasing a new chapter of refreshed ideas and imagination. Fans worldwide appreciated the global appeal of Barbie, expressing a desire for something new. This marked a significant shift in media and celebrity trends.

Mattel, the owners of the Barbie brand, has announced plans for a live-action adaptation of American Girl, a character from their toy-based series, which has opened up new opportunities for the industry to explore innovative ideas.

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The global success of Barbie has made a second Barbie sequel a feasible idea.

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