Cher criticized the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after she repeatedly criticized the magazine, revealing her comments about Rolling Stone.

Cher, despite her numerous No. 1 hits, was denied a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she now expresses her dissatisfaction with the decision.

Cher recently appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show, criticizing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for excluding her over several decades. Despite having No. 1 Billboard hits over seven decades, Cher expressed her desire to leave the club that clearly did not want her. Kelly and her audience were shocked.

Cher’s statement during the show was quite insightful.

Cher’s holiday single, DJ Play a Christmas Song, reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales chart, marking her first-ever holiday special album, Christmas. Clarkson praised Cher for having top charting songs across seven decades, highlighting her unique feat.

Cher, a solo artist, has achieved the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, despite being eligible since 1991. She clarified that she is not the only one, as Rolling Stones also achieved the same milestone. Cher emphasized that it took four members to be one of her, and she has never been nominated for the Hall of Fame.

The singer expressed frustration and expressed her willingness to decline a million-dollar offer to join a band, stating that they could not accommodate her. She laughed as she almost dropped an f-bomb while the audience cheered for her, expressing her dissatisfaction with the situation.

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Cher continues to achieve numerous notable accomplishments.

Cher, a pop legend, has achieved numerous chart-topping songs throughout her career. Her latest achievement is a Billboard top-charting song from her album, which was released in October. Cher’s first No. 1 charting was I Got You Babe in 1965. Since then, she has had at least one chart-topping song in each decade, making her the only solo artist to have a No. 1 hit for seven decades.

Cher praised her 1998 hit Believe as a game-changer in music, as it was the first to incorporate autotune, a technique that continues to be a staple in many fans’ playlists.

Dolly Parton, a legendary singer, was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, but initially declined. Despite being eligible since 1991, she accepted the induction alongside many other heavy-hitters, demonstrating her acceptance of the honor.

In 2023, a prestigious list of artists was inducted, including Willie Nelson, Missy Elliot, Kate Bush, Sheryl Crow, George Michael, The Spinners, and Rage Against the Machines, but Cher’s name was not included, causing exasperation.

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