Bobby Deol, an animal star, has expressed that his wife Tanya Deol has not hindered his career, stating that she is what she is because of her marriage.

Bobby Deol, an open-minded actor, recently starred in the film Animal, which was released on December 1.

Bobby Deol, a renowned actor, has achieved new heights in his career with his film Animal, and has acknowledged his wife Tanya for her contributions to his success.

The actor expressed his desire to avoid repeating the mistakes of his father and legendary Bollywood star Dharmendra.

Bobby Deol expressed his blessings after the success of Animal.

Bobby Deol, praised for his performance in Ranbir Kapoor’s film, shares his upbringing in a conventional household, avoiding father’s mistakes and never objecting to his wife’s work.

Barsaat star, Barsaat, credits his wife for his success and acknowledges that it wasn’t his father’s fault, but rather his broad-mindedness and his wife’s support, stating that he is blessed.

Bobby Deol discusses the contrast between his relationship with his sons and his relationship with Dharmendra.

Bobby, an actor, reflects on his upbringing in a traditional setting, where respecting parents was crucial. He shares his differing relationships with sons Dharam and Aryaman and father Dharmendra.

The actor explained that respect for parents is essential, but mothers can still argue, while fathers often show hesitance.

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