Bobby Deol, an animal star, has expressed his desire for his sons Aryaman and Dharam to learn Hindi before their debut.

Bobby Deol plans to teach his sons Aryaman and Dharam Hindi before their debut, following the release of his latest film, Animal, on December 1.

Bobby Deol, a renowned actor, has recently announced the debuts of his sons, Aryaman Deol and Dharam Deol, and expressed his desire for them to enhance their Hindi fluency before entering the industry, a move he believes will boost their career prospects.

Bobby Deol emphasizes the importance of being prepared when meeting young kids.

Bobby Deol, the star of the successful film Animal, has expressed his desire for his sons Dharam and Aryaman to improve their Hindi fluency before stepping into the acting world, despite the success of the movie. Deol’s happiness over Animal’s commercial success is evident.

The speaker believes that a strong command over Hindi and English would make it easier for an actor to learn their lines and immerse themselves in the character.

The actor shares his thoughts on his sons’ desire to become actors, stating that they don’t speak fluently in Hindi due to a lack of habit, but instead communicate in English with each other. He believes that once actors have command over their lines, they can focus on feeling the character and not think about the script.

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Bobby Deol has revealed the details about the debut of his sons.

In an interview with India Today, the Barsaat star revealed that his sons are keen on acting but it would take 3-4 years, as his elder son, Aryaman, takes time to train and work on himself to excel on the silver screen.

Deol, a father, revealed that he had independently explored filmmaking during the COVID period and is excited about the unique attributes of his son and the future contributions of the Deol brothers.

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